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Path of Purpose - Laird Hamilton Successful Exploit

Successful challenge for Laird Hamilton who made the crossing of 426 kilometers in two days between London and Paris with his own manpower; pedaling a bike and paddling across the English channel on a stand-up paddle surfboard.

The extreme surfer proved one more time his sport potential and his ability to pursue the most incredible challenges. Laird Started from London on a bike, he made the 148 kilometers until Dover under a strong rain in 5.5 hours: "The rain slowed me down and it was rather cold at the beginning of the RIDE. But with the physical effort i needed, i warmed up fast.”

After a one and half hour rest for food Laird Hamilton began the crossing of the English Channel in stormy conditions on his own signature board and paddle he is producing with surftech. The paddle boarding was 43 kilometers in 6 hours. "I believe The paddle board was used by the early Hawaiians and ancient Polynesian cultures I am convinced that everybody could enjoy this sport at different levels. It is a new application of old ideas for the sport of surfing that I am extremely excited about sharing with people.”

But the crossing of the channel on a paddle board is really an exploit, especially after the biking leg of the trip: "I started on stormy and rough conditions. Also, the English Channel has a lot of traffic. There are a lot of ships coming from every direction. At times, it was good because they generated waves that I surfed while listening to Ben Harper and other music in my “i-Pod”. I met a big storm in the middle of the crossing and that slowed me down as well I faced front winds. I think I lost about one hour on the initial time. The last four kilometers were the most difficult because the current was against me and I was tired and it felt like I was paddling in place.”

Tired yes, but not exhausted, Laird Hamilton, whose physical endurance is amazing, took to his bike the day after to make the 235 kilometers between Le Touquet and Paris in 8.5 hours: "A short sleep and I was ready to go. The little roads in the French countryside were beautiful. I felt physically and mentally good except some pain in my left knee. To ride into Paris and arrive at the arc de triumph was satisfying despite the rain. I was very happy to be there and accomplish the goal I had set out to do. It confirmed to me that we could all do much more in life than we think we can. No matter who you are and what you do; you can do more than you think you can.”

Mission to help the autistic children
For this crossing from London to Paris, moreover then just sport feat, Laird Hamilton has chosen to help the realization of a non-profit film about healing autism. « Beautiful Son »is being directed by his friend Don King, a world class cinematographer, who, after having filmed Laird on some of the biggest and best waves in the world faces another challenge: helping heal autism, and his autistic son, Beau. The donations can be offered on the website

Or checks mailed to: Swell Cinema Inc.182 Grand view Ave. San
Francisco, CA 94114.

Tax id # 94-3296652. We are asking for donations per every kilometer Laird paddled or pedaled.

In addition, some lycras « Ecoriders London-Paris 2006 » are sold at 40 Euros on the website Each lycra is numerated with an authentic certificate signed by Laird Hamilton. All the benefits will be given to the association “beautiful son”.

‘All Aboard the crazy train’ wins awards:

Before his crossing Laird Hamilton was at the International Surf Film of Saint Jean de Luz to promote BamMan’s and his latest film “All Aboard the Crazy Train », a hymn to big wave surfing at Jaws but also an analysis of the consequences of the sport today. The movies won two awards: “best cinematography” and “most inspirational youth film”. The film is available at