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The Truition Cause

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It’s not often you get a chance to work side by side with people who inspire you to become a much better person. But fortunately for me, I have been given the unique opportunity to work side by side with Gabby Reece and Laird Hamilton. Their passion for fitness and healthy living is contagious, and their authentic love for inspiring people to improve their quality of life through physical activity, proper nutrition and healthy living is immediately obvious to anyone who meets them. So when I was given the chance to become part of the team they were assembling to help shape up America, I jumped at the opportunity.

A Team With a Shared Passion

Back in January 2011, after many years of exercising together, Gabby and Laird decided to join forces with two of their close personal friends and exercise partners, Heath Club Pioneer and Bally Total Fitness Founder Don Wildman, and Record Producer and cultural icon Rick Rubin to create TRUition, with myself, (John Wildman) being the operations person supporting this dynamic team of Founders. This is clearly a team with a shared passion for healthy living and a focused mission, so I was ecstatic to become part of it. After more than 20 years at Bally Total Fitness (including being its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer), I exited the corporate world to become part of something much more special.

The TRUition Founders decided to join together to share their passion and personal experiences in order to inspire people to take responsibility for their own health and fitness, with the long-term goal of helping reverse the growing crisis of obesity and inactivity throughout America and across the globe. Our goal is to create a community committed to healthy living, who in turn will become role models to their friends and family. As Laird established early on when brainstorming the TRUition mission, “Our cause should be to create a contagious passion for healthy living that leads to an improved quality of life for the entire family”.

Transform, Evolve, Thrive

The TRUition philosophy is based on the reality that achieving peak fitness and overall well-being must start with a personal commitment to TRANSFORM to a healthier lifestyle. Once you make this decision to improve your quality of life, the next step is to permanently EVOLVE your fitness and nutrition behaviors in order to achieve sustainable results. Through the combination of routine physical activity and proper nutrition, your body and mind will begin to THRIVE and then you will become a positive role model to your family, friends and everyone around you.

Our TRUition logo, as well as our tagline (transform, evolve, thrive), represents our philosophy of achieving a personal transformation through a commitment to healthier living and evolution to better you. Helping individuals and communities achieve a sustainable lifestyle transformation is the essence of TRUition

Natural Support for Active Living

After almost two years in development, TRUition’s nutrition product line represents the highest quality standards in the market, regardless of our costs to manufacture the product, limited availability of ingredients or competitive influences. Our products were developed so that our TRUition team, family, friends and community have the nutritional support we need to thrive. With our roots in Malibu, California, and Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, our products are manufactured in the USA -- TRUition is an American brand with a world-wide purpose.

The initial TRUition product offering is an ultra-high quality line of nutrition supplements designed to provide the ideal nutrition support for active living. TRUition also provides a free motivational program, comprehensive nutrition guidelines and 90-day functional training program at The goal of the TRUition founders coming together is far greater than creating high quality nutrition products formulated to support our own personal nutrition needs, but to also provide inspiration, industry leading fitness instruction for individuals of all fitness-levels, and support to the millions of men and women worldwide looking to achieve a personal lifestyle transformation to authentic healthy living.

Formulated for TRUition Founders Personal Requirements

The initial line of TRUition nutrition products was a collective decision, but each TRUition founder had individual influences. For example, Gabby was very much the driver in the development of our Meal replacement product, in that she wanted an ultra-high quality protein formula that was properly fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that she and Laird could use first thing to get the complete pre-workout nutrition needed to optimize their daily morning workouts (they both instruct intense training programs every Monday through Saturday at 8am). Gabby also worked extensively to develop the more than 20 shake recipes available at

Rick Rubin personally lost over 130 pounds through a limited calorie diet with multiple protein shakes per day. After losing 90 pounds, Rick started training with Laird 6 days a week; Rick has experienced significant lifestyle transformation firsthand and has robust knowledge of protein supplementation. He believes in providing your body the absolute best, highly bioavailable protein, so insisted that TRUition formulations be made with only the highest quality whey protein concentrate available. As a result, TRUition Whey comes from cows that only feed on natural grass (which is chemical and pesticide free) and are not fed hormones or antibiotics.

Our second product, TRUition Whey, uses the same ultra-high quality protein found in TRUition Meal, but without the additional vitamins and minerals. Individuals looking to increase or maximize muscle development should use TRUition Whey both before and after exercise to provide their body with the necessary protein and essential amino acid building blocks of lean muscle tissue. Laird will start the day with TRUition Meal and will drink 1 or 2 additional TRUition Whey shakes throughout the day to get the pure protein he needs to fuel his body and assist recovery after an intense workout or paddle board session. TRUition Max was heavily influenced by Don Wildman, arguably the fittest man in America over 75 years old. He has competed in the Hawaii Ironman 9 times, and at 78 years old, recently competed in the Race Across America (a 3,000 mile coast to coast cross-country bicycle race), plus continues to this day to be a hard-core cyclist and avid circuit training guru. THE WILDMAN (as he is commonly known) was an inspiration for the development of TRUition Max.

TRUition Max is a premium amino acid formulation designed to help optimize the body’s natural hormone production in order to help offset declining hormone production (which occurs as you age), as well as maximize sports performance. TRUition Max has quickly become our signature product and is loyally used by both men and women (as well as our TRUition team) because of the potential to expedite the loss of body fat, aid in muscle recovery, and help offset declining hormone production.

TRUition Greens, TRUition Three and TRUition Energy also have their genesis from the thought leadership of the TRUition Founders, with the goal to provide a suite of products that can be used collectively to help ensure that active individuals get 100% of the nutrition support they need to optimize the results from their fitness program. For example, when you mix TRUition Greens with TRUition Meal, you eliminate the need to take a multivitamin. a Free Resource For Anyone

All TRUition products are developed to be used as part of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise, eating healthy, stress reduction and sufficient rest. As such, at the TRUition team has collaborated to develop a free 90-day functional training program with separate programs for men and women, as well as nutrition guidelines, a motivational program, and extreme sports performance workouts. is a one-stop comprehensive free resource anyone can use to help achieve a personal lifestyle transformation.

Our initial line of TRUition nutrition products, plus workouts and nutrition support at are just the beginning. We are already in the process of further enhancing the healthy lifestyle support provided at to include functional training exercise instruction videos, automated workout tracking application, plus daily fitness, nutrition, and motivational tips. There are also plans to further expand our TRUition product line. These product and service additions are just the start, because our TRUition team is committed to always providing the most innovative tools, instruction, and guidance to achieve positive and permanent lifestyle changes.

Share What We Know and Love

The TRUition team is committed to sharing what we know and love in order to help make a favorable impact on the lives of others. We hope you will join our cause and become a healthy living role model to your family and friends. Please help us create a community of people dedicated to healthy living! Together we can make a difference in creating a healthier America, or better yet, inspire people worldwide to achieve peak fitness and overall well-being.

From, John Wildman